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What I offer and how I work

My work is based on years of hands-on experiences that have taught me many valuable lessons on what works well and what less.


I use a mentoring and co-creating approach:

Your participation and knowledge in the process are as important as mine. We can only be successful if we combine our knowledge and experiences: 


  • Tailor-made solutions: Developed and designed together, instead of pre-defined concepts


  • Mentoring:  Knowledge and experience sharing versus presenting frameworks and lecturing


  • Applying different techniques: Using various techniques to approach a challenge to get a different result

What I offer

Sustainable practices:

Translating sustainability into actionable steps, that are adapted to your current needs and abilities (not requiring an extensive investment, that is above your budget, nor requiring an increased price for your customers) 

Strategic staff management:

How to attract, engage and develop your staff long-term, making them the centre of your operations and success

Process and change management:

Applying different approaches like e.g. design-thinking and co-creation to effectively run your operations and guide you through change

Product analysis and customer experience:

Analysing customer satisfaction, operational execution, sustainable practices and cost-effectiveness, suggesting improvements accordingly

I support through: 

  • Mentor and coaching calls or in-person meetings


  • Project support and participation


  • Creation and facilitation of training and workshops

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