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Katharina Beyer

Co-creating experiences and opportunities in tourism

Balancing planet - people - profit


I believe that tourism is one of the most beautiful and diverse industries that is able to unite, educate, develop and create unforgettable experiences for visitors and host communities at the same time. 


Tourism is about experiences and how they make us feel; it is about curiosity - discovering the world and people beyond our doorsteps. 


I wish that travel and tourism have a positive impact on nature, communities and visitors long-term, reducing negative impacts to a minimum. 


Many organisations and consultancies communicate and share a lot of content and frameworks about how sustainable principles can be implemented to reach this goal. Unfortunately, these are often not practicable for daily business operations, are difficult to understand or too cost-intensive. 

I help

...tourism businesses, projects and organisations to thrive by translating sustainable principles into actionable steps, adapted to their situation and needs.

I make sustainability understandable and accessible for a broader audience, turning it into standard practice.

My knowledge and support are based on hands-on professional experiences in hotels and tour operations across Europe and Southeast Asia. 


Get in touch

No matter, if you are new to this approach or already advanced, if you want to strengthen your business operations all while respecting the balance of ‘planet - people - profit’, I am here to support you.   

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